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Name: 3 Spawner Crate Keys
Price: 50.00 GBP

3 Spawner Crate Keys

Get 3 Random Spawn Eggs from the Spawner Crate.

Each draw from the crate yeilds a Spawner.

Convert any mob spawner using a Spawn Egg.

Right Click a Spawner with a Spawn Egg and it will spawn that mob.

The Keys are given virtually instead of physically (in your inventory) so you can still open the crate without having the keys in your inventory.

The Crate Contains...

- Skeleton Spawn Egg

- Zombie Spawn Egg

- Pigman Spawn Egg

- Creeper Spawn Egg

- Cave Spider Spawn Egg

- Blaze Spawn Egg

- Cow Spawn Egg

- Chicken Spawn Egg

- Sheep Spawn Egg